Lal Bahadur Shastri

5 Oct

Lal Bahadur Shastri- India’s second prime minister. He share his birthday with the father of nation- Mahatma Gandhi. Hence; is always overshadowed by Bapu as far as birthday celebrations are concerned. But for the first time this year DoorDarshan showed his biography. I knew a little about this man beforehand. But the documentary, narrated by Ompuri, was really inspiring one.

He was born in 1904 in a poor family. He was hardly of one and a half year when his father passed away. His mother moved to her parent’s home. But it was difficult to continue education there. So later he moved to his maternal uncle’s house. Young LalBahadur was fond of studies as a child. Despite the fact that his aunt used to trouble him with household works; he was good in studies. At times, he hadn’t money to pay the boatman to cross the river Ganga. So he used to give his books to some friend and swim across the mighty river at such young age.

Once in school; his english teacher RamNiswarth Mishr told boys to come next day with book. Lalbahadur of course; did not have money ot buy the book. So he borrowed and copied overnight. That teacher became fond of him and mentored him for long.

LalBahadur was a student of Tenth when Mahatma Gandhi launched No co-operation movement. Lalbahuadur responded the call by quitting his studies with approval of mother. But the movement was called off due to an unfortunate incident at Chouri-Choura. So, Lalbahadur had enough reasons to be disapponted and disapprove Bapu’s call off. But he supported him remained a true follower for rest of life. True because; he just followed without any desire. 

There is an incident at his marriage where he opposes show off and useless rituals.Nothing would come out of this ideology but he did just for the sake of principles. He was in jail for 9 years before ’47. But he never tried to cash it and not remembered as a great freedom fighter.

And in this story there is love as well. In jail; LalBahadur’s family used ot visit him. He used not to speak to his wife Lalita at length in front of his mother. But once he stopped her to tell her to take care of health and take a glass of milk everyday. There was not sufficient money at home and no mother would take the milk without giving her child. She found a way. She got a small glass and used to take a glass of milk just to honour the words of LalBahadur.


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