India 2008

15 Jan

A year passes. A lot has happened. I passed out the college and joined my first job. Which for me, I hope will be in top ten events for my whole life. But today I want to look at the bigger picture. 🙂

India. Why to sum a whole year in one day. On a calender which is neither financial nor academic. But it won’t hurt us to review ourselves on all possible occasions we can. Now, I will skip the part to justify myself and get to real flesh.

How it is possible to sum up INDIA’s event in one blog and that also by a not-so-thoughtful person? Well, to see India 08, feeling one man will be a good sample. The man is Ratan Tata.

Earlier this year, he had to move his Nano from West Bengal and towards the end of the year, there was a attack on his hotel, the Taj.

Nano had to move solely for politics. Mamta Benerjee & Co. protested very violently and answered by left in same tone. Maybe Mamta was correct that people are not paid enough in lieu of land. And, doing business with ignorant people is always likely to have flaws. They did not ask for a handsome money while selling.
But anyway; the protest was a very wrong decision and it has put WB much backward. Getting good industrial projects for northern states have never been easy (blame too many dogs for too less meat). And in that scenario if WB looses a project like Nano; they sure will have to put too much effort to get another.
Nano- the world’s cheapest car, was supposed to be out by last Dashahara/Deewali. But because of these unfortunate incidents, it is not out yet. Surely Tats suffered a big loss; both in short term and long term. Nano has finally moved to Gujarat, which is far smarter than any other Indian state- thanks to Modi. They have good and realistic policies and things should go well from here.

This incident posses a question on our willingness for development even after 60 years of independence.

The other incident- the terror attack is a huge incident and has world wide effect. The story has not yet been over, so I would like to confine myself to India’s prospective only.
The year had been pretty awful for Indians given the number of terror attacks. Despite huge number of attacks the parliament was unable to reach consensus. One of the first things that Congress had done after coming to power was to take POTA off which was enforced by BJP. So now, they did not want to bring that back or make any similar law. So they wanted to make a national agency. But BJP wanted POTA back. So the parliament stuck in bottleneck.
Home Minister could be easily held responsible for flaws in internal security; but he was a loyal soldier to Congress. So they all decided that let the country get screwed.
Then there was this attack on Taj. Things did change- Home Minister is fired, we have a national agency (NIA) and some more strict rules to tackle terror. For the first time I remember that parliament’s winter session went so smoothly and they did some real work.
Otherwise, earlier they used to mark anniversary of Babri Masjid on Dec 6. There onwards the parliament used to get paralyzed and no work for rest of the session. But after the attacks there has been enormous protest against running-hard-to-get-nowhere politicians and the result is here. Finally something makes them work.

A few foreigners also have been killed at Taj and the world is getting somewhat uncomfortable with Pakistan finally. And India aren’t ashaming themselves by participating in blame-games and more or less are staying together when the world is with them.
Opposition is not doing rallies over this, the people are sober and the recent polls have been almost unaffected by (possibly) govt’s inability to tackle terror.

So among all laughs and tears, there have been moments this year. Maybe not as conclusive as milestone, but one thing for sure, these turns/events will have long term effects.


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  1. Renaissance Man June 16, 2009 at 12:14 PM #

    Picked a very common feeling but collected his thoughts very carefully. Nicely written article.

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