Terror and us

24 Jan

I wanted to write about terror just after Taj-attack in Mumbai. But I kept postponing this. But as India is ready to celebrate it’s 59th Republic Day, it’s a good occasion to look into things.

How old the terror has been? In India, I don’t think we ever saw this violent period. We have been a quite and peaceful country. So how this all started? For India, with the birth of Pakistan. And the credit goes to some myopic english fellow, who could not see the result of the seed of hatration.

But that was all politics. Were we so weak that that our unity of so many years get spoiled by something like this? Absolutely not. But they did enough harm. They promoted the people who supported religion-based politics. And as most of people are always undecided; the opportunist got a Pakistan.

If a seed is wrong the fruit will never be good and Pakistan is sure a good example of this thing. The demon of terrorism is now too big and can’t be called back to the bottle.

But if we look closely; maybe big terror groups have hit headlines but terror has been in India in some form. Specially the cast-based struggle [and we still have opportunist to make use of it for their short-term ambitions].

So, how terror hits us? Deaths- the first thing which comes to mind. Death has not been a scary thing in India and we were used to accept this as Almighty’s will. But sudden deaths are really bad. India still has spirit to get back to usual life very fast. But now I will call this as emotional numbness rather than respect for death. Our ‘inductance’ is growing too high.

Worse than death is the ruined lives afterward. Suddenly handicapped people- who almost take lifetime to accept things, the family of the deads- who search for support. It’s impossible to account for the things that something like this takes away from us.

It’s unimaginable for most people that, someone hold this much grudge. And things get worse when it from a proper noun turns to collective or common noun. It started with some crazy people who thought they are fighting for betterment of Kashmir. There was a big room of improvement, but what path they chose was wrong and has turned ‘the paradise on earth’ into a ‘death valley’. There could have been more constructive ways but it’s difficult for most people to try for the changes which may not come true in their lives. And it’s harder if someone makes you to feel more sorry about this.

But well; that was just a start. The stage is the whole world now. And the people and nation who supported this may/are realising that big bang is going out of control; but by the time they will have courage to do something, it will become irreversible.

So do we have to learn to live with it? Perhaps even the dream of a peaceful world is a history now. The next generation may find it almost normal. The world is going to be a horrible place.

People ask many times. Does/should God love us still? The answer is definitely yes. But we have forgotten to love ourselves. And no matter how many fans you have outside, but if no one loves you back home; you can never be happy.
And so we aren’t…..


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