A Few Sick Men

20 Mar

It happened almost a week before. Two girls from KITS warangal were acid-attacked by three boys. Reason- Pretty easy guess. One sided love story. And for this approach; the movies may share the blame.

Anyway; today I want to write about what happened afterwards.

The two girls were riding scootie. The driver was in helmet. So she was somewhat protected from the attack[Anothere reason to use helmet. :)] . But theother girl’s injuries proved fatal. The boys were young blood. No shrewed criminals, hence an easy catch for police.

Though police claimed first that they have arrested only prime accused. Anyway; the incident gave mayuseless fellows to bask in media-flashes. The women’s organizations (who did nothing in at least last four years) jumped on road. Political parties jumped likemad bulls {The formation of a new party may make the difference. SO every move counts}.

But these reactions are almost same, in all cases. The noticable thing was public reaction. The father of prime accused said no punishment would be enough for his son, if he is guilty. Lawyers refused to take the case (approached by families of other accused, perhaps). And I was really happy for these reactions. Finally India is learning to react constructively. People were not dazzled by flashes and above all, stood away from polical parties and other crap organisations.

But here came the twist. Police encountered the guys. Obviously their story is fake. They weren’t criminals; so nabbing them wasn’t an uphill task, even if they tried to run away (as claimed by police). So why they wanted the encounters?

Today a newspaper compared the incident with the incident in 1980’s in Bihar. Where police was pouring acid in criminal’s eyes. They had public support, as it was almost impossible to bring justice to those guys (and a few those cases took 20 years to come with results).Even I don’t detest those actions.

But this was completely different. [Jab sidhi ungli se ghee nikal raha ho to ungli tedhi karne ki kya jarurat thi?]. Parties are confused now. They don’t know which side to go. Girls is still struggling and has lost her eyesight forever. Some company though, has offered a job and 1 lakh Rs. compensation. But life for her will never be the same.

Amongst this all chaos; there is at least one unsung hero. The father of prime victim; who refused (to take body of his son) and to take any action against policemen. He said; his son deserved this. This man has really got respectable values. Losing a young and dear son (who did nothing wrong except falling in ‘love'(!) with a girl and wasdemoralised by his friends and movies perhaps), is a very hard feeling which one can only think of.

He reminds me of a small character from one of the best movies Bollywood ever made- DEEWAR. Shashi Kapoor unknoingly encounters a young boy who stole breads for his hungry family. He meets his parents. The mother is furious. but the father accepts he outcomes and says a crime is a crime. The man changes ways of Shashi for rest of his life.

Comparing with a fictional character may not be a good tribute to a real Man. But this is the best I could think of (Again blame the movies and Me of course).

An unfortunate incident. Many lives won’t remain as the were…

May God give victims (all involved are victims only by the way) courage to bear and politicl parties some heart to besensitive.

And the Father may inspire may others.


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