A love story

20 Mar

Today I made a call to a close friend of mine. I would like to hide his name for more than one reason.

He is a nice guy. Cool minded enough focused and a great friend. You don’t find such guys very easily. Anyway I will get to the story fast.

He liked a girl. For more than seven years!!!Why seven? Because he wrote a letter to her but didn’t post.(He still has it). He never told her; because he was practical enough to understand that this is not just a game of emotions. He used to think he did not deserve her. But one day he got a job. A nice paying government (in India many people are still sentimental about govt. jobs!) class A job. Now he was nearer to his dreams. He thought it’s the time. Now no one has any reasons for objecting his love.So he did two things after getting placed in job(joining after few months)- He bought an N73(I don’t like that phone but he was pretty impressed by it) and he searched for that girl.

He knew her house but as he never spoke to the girl well, so it wasn’t polite to jump on the things.Moreover the girl had shifted to some other town for higher studies in a hostel.So it was a tough job to get her contacts without getting suspected.But with the help of his friends; he managed to do that.

I remember he was pretty worried where she would recognize him or not?But results were positive.She remembered him and even few gossips of his success, which were a talk in locality. They talked for a good time. And he recorded the conversations, because he was so fascinated of her voice.

In college you will never run out of people to add ghee(/gasoline!) in fire.So he started moving well. Sharing jokes;daily life things. Jokes and stories about teachers etc. His mobile bill for that month was around 3500/-.I still can’t believe how he used to talk that long. Then one day he asked her to sing a song to him.It was a melodious song from a flop movie.So he did not know of the song.That night he searched for it @2A.M. This was a romantic song and in love even pimples look like dimple!He found that song as a proposal.And he got emotional;rather he started crying.He listened that song n number of times and finally he could not hold on and called that girl.I listened to that recording later and it literally moved me.I felt like crying. i even copied that recording on my PC(on a special request).

The girl;though was surprised but I assume she could have sensed this coming(girls are pretty fast about this). She replied as a yes.But she did not shout back ‘I love you’. She said she would say on his b’day.His b’day had passed though;but he like many other fellows had a different certificate birthday and he told the certificate one;which was near. Things went well she proposed.And he bought a special TATA connection for her and got her number@25paise.But still his bill for the month was Rs.2500+. This was January then came Valentines day. They exchanged gifts.I remember he took me with him for purchasing card.Things were pleasant.He had few issues with few friends who said something foul about her.But all went well.And we left college at happy note.

This was the part one.But twists were yet to come.

The belonged to a conservative family.And their parents knew hardly of it. Then one day the news broke. It was 3 weeks to joining.The boys’ parents controlled themselves after little talk.But the parents of the girl got too angry.They called on the boy and ask him to take the girl away from the city.Of course that was a little impractical and he did not want to run away from her parents.He wanted things to go smooth.But he father wanted the girl to choose one;now! The boy and the girl decided to lie and decided to wait for the storm to pass away. But then; the parents of the girl started to breakdown her.They blackmailed her emotionally.They told that they could have lost their pride as they were of “higher caste”.No one would like to marry her sister and so on.. Presumably the girl broke down and accepted the fate.

Meanwhile the boy got his joining and moved to a different state.He waited for the girl to go to college.But when he tried to ring her the number was unreachable.He thought that the mobile has been taken as a punishment.So he called her roommate.

She told that she has left the college and moved to his uncle’s place.He was hugely disappointed.He knew how valuable this was for her.Her dream was to get that particular degree.He was really sad that because of him she had to drop her studies. He cried;and cried for days.He asked girl’s rommie to find her contacts. But she said she is unable to.He was undergoing trainings so he could not have taken leave.He decided to wait longer.

Then it was a festival and he went to his home.He was in market when he SAW that girl!He was pleasantly surprised.He ran to her and talked impatiently.But the girl seemed to be different now.Meanwhile the girl’s sister came and they left.He was annoyed and surprised.Then he found that the girl was in the college only the whole time and manipulated him with the help of her friends.He came back to his job but he was shocked.

But before he could recover;girl’s parent gave him bigger shocks.They filed a case against him.Non-billable charges.They involved the whole family in some way. The parents of boy had so many troubles.Though he has evidences and he will walk out of those false charges;but it invites some basic questions. How many love-stories end happily in real life?The girl;probably influenced by her friend and globalisation;dared to break the code of conduct.But she, like a snail, goes back into shell as it starts raining.

Fortunately, the boy is not much broken. But perhaps, he will be scared of (such) love for rest of the life. Who is guily?

Perhaps our own prejudices…


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