A Pro’s guide to idle weekend – I

15 Oct

Being idle, people think is easiest of things. But on the contrary, it;s one of the hardest thing. It’s a long journey to attain perfect laziness. To start, you can start with being lazy on weekend. It wears with experience and within no time you will be moderately lazy.

Laziness involves a good amount of sleeping. But again, contrary to the popular belief of people that sleeping through weekend is a very easy thing to do; it’s very very difficult thing. it takes a pro to know what goes beneath. Doing nothing is the most delicate art known to man. It takes an enormous amount of effort and will to avoid all the action which may possibly come in the way.

Anyway, here is a rough guide to an idle weekend.

Starting early gives an head-start- this holds here too. Let’s start the regime on Friday. Leave little late from work. An empty work-place can be a good motivator for starters. Have dinner by 9. Now you are ready. Watch a long movie and play some video-games. Then start chit-chat. Room-partners are most convenient people. But calling (read disturbing 🙂 friends (or even enemies) can also be a good idea. Once this is over it should be around 1 AM. I would recommend little physical movement. A walk to nearby ice-cream cart, is a great idea. Come room and you are ready to sleep.

But sleeping long hours may be exhausting. So make time for nutrition. I would recommend to wake up around 10 once. Pick-up your news-paper. Glance at headlines have a very light breakfast (if you want to). Again you are ready to sleep. If you don’t feel sleepy, I would recommend a pseudo-interesting book. i.e. books which sound interesting, but you may not find exactly so. The best of the category are 20-30 year old sci-fis. They were good- and so you heard. But they have been translated to move etc and you know almost all.
It shouldn’t take long, 15-20 minutes should be sufficient to make you feel sleepy again.
Well, sleep again, for 2-2.5 hrs. Wake up around 1’o clock, Order some food (if you have to). Watch some Indian movie channel on TV while you are eating. They show a lot of ads. So it should bore you enough. If still not enough, read some news-paper, that should be pretty disappointing. Again you are ready to sleep.
Sleep again for 2-3 hours. When you will wake up, it would be around 5:30. If you think bathing is necessary, now is a good time. Put some water to heat up. Meanwhile grab some lunch leftovers.
After bath, it would be good to take a stroll. Malls are a good place. [However, if you are a girl (or girlish) you may end up buying something. So in that case I would recommend a park kind of thing. Well I lack experience here. 😦 ] Take a place in mall to have a good view.
After an hour of time pass, you should be ready for dinner. Have a good meal. And come back to room. Again, play some video-games. If you can play on LAN, it will be very good. or again watch some serious movie. Following this you can take up something to read. A heavy novel with fewer conversations would be a good choice.

Go to bed and you are ready to take on Sunday. Day can be almost same but night needs some amendment to take on Monday. I will try to cover these in the next part.

Again, I must say, laziness is a great virtue. Any problem of the world can be solved with adequate amount of laziness. But again, it takes a lot of effort and will to be lazy. I wish you a good luck with this.

Feel free to comment and ask any question which pops in your err… head?

Here is a inspiring cartoon to end with- https://shiv08.wordpress.com/2012/02/20/garfield-doing-less/


3 Responses to “A Pro’s guide to idle weekend – I”

  1. Jai October 15, 2010 at 6:17 PM #

    Wow cool I am one with great virtue…… lol everybody is like me ….

    • Skywalker October 15, 2010 at 7:49 PM #

      We have this grave responsibility Jai. we need to spread this culture. 😉

  2. kanagasabai s October 28, 2010 at 5:57 AM #

    Came across this blog from my friend Annamalai’s buzz in gmail.

    Nice work and hope it sows the seed for a revolution!!!!!!! 😉

    There is a comedy track from vadivelu in a tamil movie with similar quotient where he proves to the people being idle is not being lazy and it is tough to do so…..

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