at the crossroads of life

29 Jan

Q. (Problem)
Life seems to have this caption,
you’ll always be given ‘n’ option,
N’ all of ’em will equally seem green.
What then, this all does mean?

A. (perhaps)
This all may seem critical to your eyes,
but from the high skies,
or after the time flies-
you’ll see things calmer and better,
N’ see, all this does/did hardly matter.

C. (certainty)
Life is nothing but just a game,
n’ must be played with the spirit of same.
Do not complicate the things and go wrong,
just smile, sing the song, and get along.


One Response to “at the crossroads of life”

  1. sushil February 15, 2011 at 12:35 PM #

    shokiyo me ghola jaye foolo ka shabab
    usme fir milayii jaye thodi si saraab
    hoga yu nasha jo taiyaar…wo ………………hai.

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