Gender future and Human Civilization

6 Mar

It's hard to be woman

Human civilization is undergoing a major changes. And on the receiving end is (mostly) the fairer gender. So much is expected of them. Tough times, but this will determine the direction of the civilization.

More interestingly on the other side- Y (male) chromosome is decaying. Male nowadays is not that macho they used to be. Though, the extinction of the Y chromosome entirely is a very distant probability (Which if happens, gender would depend on other external factors- climate, temperature etc, as it was in very early stage of evolution). , This definitely paints a future, I would say a disturbing one, actually.

<edit_v2> Here is an Enjoli ad from 80s. About conflicting goals of women and how they are supposed to handle it all. It has been 3 decades- but has it been? really?




One Response to “Gender future and Human Civilization”

  1. anilraheja March 7, 2012 at 8:08 PM #

    hi – i’ve nominated you for the Mrs. Sparky’s Ten Commands Award. Here’s the link you can follow –
    God bless & lots of love – Anil

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