Zee-hale miskin

7 Mar

“Zehal-e miskin makun taghaful” is quite an old poem by Amir Khusro. He was one of the first poets of Hindi. The beauty about this poem is that it has alternating lines in pure Persian and pure Hindi (Brij). Really a masterpiece.

Here is the song in intoxicating voice of Ghualm Ali. A perfect package.

जीहाल-ए- मिस्कीं मकुन तगाफुल, दराए नैना बनाये बतियाँ;
कि ताब-ए हिज्राँ नदाराम-ए जान, न लेहो काहे लगाये छतियां.

शबान-ए हिज्राँ दराज़ चूँ ज़ुल्फ़ व रोज़-ए वस्लत चो उम्र कोता;
सखी पिया को जो मैं न देखूं तो कैसे काटूँ अँधेरी रतियाँ.

यकायक अज दिल दो चश्म-ए जादू बसद फरेबम बबुर्द तस्कीं;
किसे पड़ी है जो जा सुनावे पियारे पि को हमारी बतियाँ.

चू शम्मा सोजाँ चू ज़र्रा हैराँ, हमेशा गिरयां बे इश्क आन में;
न नींद नैना न अंग चैना न आप आवें न भेजें पतियाँ.

बहक्क-ए रोज़-ए विसाल-ए दिलबर कि दाद मारा ग़रीब खुसरो;
सपेट मन के वराए राखूं जो जाए पाऊँ पिया के खतियाँ


Zehaal-e-miskeen makun taghaful,
Duraye naina banaye batiyan.

Do not overlook my misery,
by blandishing your eyes and weaving tales,

Ke taab-e-hijran nadaram ay jaan,
Na leho kahe lagaye chatiyan.

My patience has over-brimmed, O sweetheart!
why do you not take me to your bosom.

Shaban-e-hijran daraz chun zulf,
Wa roz-e-waslat cho umer kotah.

Long like curls in the night of separation
short like life on the day of our union.

Sakhi piya ko jo main na dekhun,
To kaise kaTun andheri ratiyan.

My dear, how will I pass the dark dungeon night
without your face before.

Yakayak az dil do chashm-e-jadu,
Basad farebam baburd taskin.

Suddenly, using a thousand tricks
the enchanting eyes robbed me of my tranquil mind.

Kisay pari hai jo ja sunave,
Piyare pi ko hamari batiyan,

Who would care to go and report
this matter to my darling.

Cho shama sozan cho zaraa hairan,
Hamesha giryan be ishq an meh.

Tossed and bewildered, like a flickering candle,
I roam about in the fire of love.

Na nind naina na ang chaina,
Na aap aaven na bhejen patiyan,

Sleepless eyes, restless body,
neither comes she, nor any message.

Ke daad mara gharib Khusro.

In honour of the day I meet my beloved
who has lured me so long, O Khusro!

Sapet man ke varaye rakhun,
Jo jaye pauN piya ke khatiyan.

I shall keep my heart suppressed
if ever I get a chance to get to her trick.




4 Responses to “Zee-hale miskin”

  1. Jeannie March 7, 2012 at 8:40 PM #

    Shiv, I would like to share the Very Inspiring Blogger Award with you. If you accept, please find the award here. Your blog is truly inspiring and uplifting. Thank you for making my days and those of others a brighter place!

    • Shiv March 8, 2012 at 3:17 PM #

      Thanks Jeanie for the compliment. 🙂


  2. Varsha March 14, 2012 at 8:27 PM #

    Do you know…in Hindi also…(seemingly adapted from the original here)…there is this song:
    ‘Zeehale Masti Mukum baranjish,… bahare hizra bechara dil hai…’

    Thanks for positing this one.!

    • Shiv March 15, 2012 at 11:19 AM #

      Yes. from Ghulami- Mithun da! 🙂
      In fact after that song only did I start looking for this prhase “Zeehal-e-Miskin”

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