Employability and us

27 May

India Ink: An Open Letter to India’s Graduating Classes http://india.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/05/23/an-open-letter-to-indias-graduating-classes/

A friend complaining about jobs asked me, who is happy with his/her job? I said jokingly- “the one who is not doing it” and we high-fived.  Well, I know I could not have been more wrong. Employability is perhaps one of the biggest problem. Especially in a country like India.

I joined NIT Warangal, a prestigious engineering college and never had to worry seriously about a job like my neighbors or my cousins had to. We are the children of liberalization. Since India opened its markets, a surge in demand was always coming. So whatever skilled or semi-skilled labor came up, they got employment. But then more and more people start developing skill, the demand of talent starts hitting saturation, the expectations of the world rises… The world  is not going always to be as kind as it had been for past few years.

So, I am very grateful to my first job for teaching me manners. My managers were the best I could have dreamed for. They taught me how the real world works without crushing my dreams. One of the things I will always remember from my first ever appraisal is the praise I got. Not for my brilliance- brilliance is an everyday affair, but for my willingness to do something mundane, something routine.  This is probably the most important professional lesson I will ever learn.

So when the writer expresses his concern about employability I agree at once. It is time to improve the quality of labor in India. It is time to improve the quality so that we are not hired because we are economically cheap or the only way out, but because we are the best of the talents the world has ever seen.


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