Where do I want to belong?

4 Jul

This was a chapter in my 8th class. Which would roughly translate to “Where do I belong”? I have asked myself this question –  often. My grandparents lived in their ancestral home for generations. My parents were the first to move. But very minimally.

And I have never stayed at one place for more than a few years. This is the problem with our migratory generation. Equation of economies have changed very rapidly over past few decades and our generation has moved and moved to reach economically favorable point. Where do I belong then? Not a geographical or social state- but an economic state! And of course this has its own downsides, which I may try to write sometime.

However, I recently faced another variation of this question. Where would I want to belong? Given that social and other attachments are quite low for our generation, where would I want to belong?

“I always wonder, why birds stay in the same place when they could fly anywhere on the earth. Then I ask myself the same question.”



And I do not have an answer. My all this volatility has killed my affections. I do not find it easy to connect to people. We do not share stories, urban legends or even tongues. So, if the remaining attachments too go away- where would I want to belong?


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  1. Mrutyunjay July 15, 2012 at 8:36 PM #


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