To decide or not to decide

20 Jul

One of my favorite conversations from The Fountainhead-

“What I mean is, what makes people unhappy is not too little choice, but too much,” said Mitchell Layton. “Having to decide, always to decide, torn every which way all of the time.”

I have believed this for a long time. Making decisions is not always easy. We do not always want to face the consequences of our decisions. Especially in day to day activities when we really do not know upside or downside of the alternatives available to us.

So is freedom of will is a myth? Very much. We want to have this freedom but at some times we lack the expertise to use this freedom for best of our interest, at other times we do not want to burden ourselves with the decision making process and “choose” not exercise our freedom of will.

So, if given a chance where would we like to have a freedom and where not? Or a classical dilemma of Services Marketing- what processes to standardize and let what processes to be customized by consumer?

This is a long thinking process. But Baba Shiv seems to give a plausible framework for this age-old query.


Baba Shiv: Sometimes it’s good to give up the driver’s seat


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