Religion, Majority and Democracy

18 Aug

The Muslim Laws in the country are not so updated. Even whatever the couple of changes that the religious aspects of laws (marriage, divorce -that kind of thing) had been too few and too slow. We still get fatwas and all.

So, is it the inherent nature of this country or this religion? Politician so much pamper the minorities to get their vote banks. During Ramadan everyone is permanently dressed in the traditional kurta and goes eating iftar parties all over. But that’s just it. The politicians fail to really think about the minorities. It’s not that the think for majority either, but once in a while they are forced by some activism and all, and we see some changes.

Or so did I think. But during my internship when I visited Bangladesh, I realized the exact opposite exists there! Hindu laws are age old, Muslim laws are quite updated! So, the problem is much deeper I think. Roots go in our society. We somehow mis-connect the independence and well-being of a group. And we give in to the most whiny kid of the group who doesn’t like change, who doesn’t want to understand it is for better.

So- we live on double edge! If majorities decide for minority, it would be harassing and very inhumane, but if majority does not share their knowledge, they would be selfish. Where the balance lies? It has to be with people. We need to build societies enough transparent and enough trustworthy where the quality of life is just linked with quality of life and nothing else. We need to understand and learn that some things should be more determined by eternal human laws than by religious variable laws.

But will we ever? A trust once broken never comes back. As the couplet goes-

गाँठ अगर लग जाये तो फिर, रिश्ते हों या डोरी,
लाख करें कोशिश, खुलने में वक़्त तो लगता है..

Humanity pays a hefty price for this lack of trust. But let’s keep trying and keep praying- someday we will be wiser, someday we will be better human…


One Response to “Religion, Majority and Democracy”

  1. slpmartin August 18, 2012 at 7:48 AM #

    Perhaps…someday…we’ll live by the code we protest to be most important.

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