Disruptive innovation and Life

20 Aug

So, this thought came from the strategy lessons on Disruptive Innovation.

There are wow-examples of this happening in industry. There is a wow-er example of human resources (which in fact is the other side of story). How best colleges prepare students who are smarter than the need of mainstream companies! Those companies can’t afford them. Worse still, if they pay them enough, still they can’t be challenging enough to satisfy the fire of these students! Result- these companies head  towards smaller colleges. And the places these student will be headed to will be smaller, non-traditional- probably disrupting innovators.

There is a third aspect, an individual’s story.

We start pushing from the young age. To stay ahead of crowd, to do better and better.- to meet our need. We push, push and push. The hard work pays. We “succeed”. But at times we overshoot our needs. We end up having more than we initially desired and thus leaving room for disruptive needs/desire- Lesser, more basic desire. It starts hollowing us. We grow dissatisfied. restless.. unhappy…

So, how much to push? Or we too are bound to be doomed? I guess, it’s internal so we can monitor and control better. First of all, do not get pushed by peer pressure and society’s idea of success. Define it for yourself. Do not seek the best. Seek the correct.

But if this is done from beginning perhaps we won’t achieve anything! Well, it’s only logical that I attempt to answer this question- but this will be very shallow attempt as I don’t have much knowledge of society and psychology.

Anyway- I remember one of Chanakya couplet of advice-

“Madly love a child younger than 6. Be strict with the child between 6 and 16. Respect the child over 16- he is an adult now.

So, perhaps we can break the development in 3 phases. Leave the child till age 6. Let the natural abilities and interest emerge. Push him/her hard from 6-16 to develop reasonable “skill” in the area. Then stop pushing; let him/her decide. Of course the advice is over 2000 years old- society has changed so much since, we must shift barriers, but this can be one pattern of solution.

of course as I said- this part I am writing only based on my reasoning and power of inferences…


2 Responses to “Disruptive innovation and Life”

  1. gyanendar August 20, 2012 at 8:58 AM #

    Chanakya gave the framework to think in that line. His 2000 yrs old is still stands good.

  2. sushil August 21, 2012 at 9:10 PM #

    Good inference!!!

    Hehe!!! You can’t expect police to be honest if the society to which he belongs, is corrupt…
    fact is that its fault of society.so is the case with child, though every child has passed through such guided/exploited way still when he/she becomes father/mother put the same type of guided principles with upgraded version for his/her children…though i know people do learn from their suffering/mistakes yet they are unable to apply in their real life.

    I guess Chanakya was more general in his view n might be right in his period because that era was based on fittest to survival as medical technology was not that much developed but every child has varying capacity of adaptabilty (assuming they are mentally n physically healthy).

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