If a tree falls in forest

26 Aug

If a tree falls in the forest and no one saw it, did it make sound?


I first heard this in the class of my favorite teacher at NIT Warangal. His point was, if we do not have a reference frame (point, if you find it easier), how do measure a change? It did, but you can’t be so sure.

Of course, this is an age old question and Dalai Lama made this popular. And his thought is deeper (or at least more general). I guess it means what’s the truth- the knowledge one- that all falls make sound, the faithful one- that someone thinks/told me that it did, the experience one- that tree falls should make sound, or self-doubting one – well I didn’t see it, no one saw it, why am I so sure?

I take the first one, and adore the last one. I doubt as much as I can, but knowledge is my rescuer.


Anyway, here is the most wonderful piece I read on the idea; from SMBC.


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