27 Sep


Jokes Apart

“Laziness, ladies and gentleman,” he continued, “saves the world. The time you are out there, you consume more energy, way more energy. Just by staying awake, you spend 3 times more energy. So next time, when you feel like getting out of your bed, ask yourself- is it really worth it?”

On a parting note

‎”I will leave”, he sighed, “I would have left even if you hadn’t asked. We are not meant to be together; I know. I will drift… away. Do ‘great’ things and.. and years later I will wonder if it was really worth?”

Airport Romance

Sipping her coffee in Airport lounge, she glanced at the status display of flights. There was still good eight minutes before boarding. Eight minutes- enough time for Sunlight to reach the Earth- she thought. For humans- Too little? Too much?

“Isn’t it strange that we were in same college, same class for four years, yet we never talked for even half an hour! I would have liked you.” She smiled.

“Marginal utility offf..” he began in his usual sarcastic academic tone, but snapped short. “People are rarely bad. And the chances of them being bad to you are even lesser. But we do not take time to know each other and rely instead on physical appearances and heresy. In the end, we have nothing, we have nobody. More scary part is, we are alone… on the inside.” He sighed. “Why are we in such a rush?”

Her coffee was barely touched. The Jet announcer was making final call for boarding. She would have to leave.







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