Past of the Future : Sci-fi

13 Oct

Chapter 2

(Short Story | Fiction)

Hruman walked out of Zaffer’s office. He was obviously tensed. Though he had almost seen it coming, but is that anytime a source to solace? It all started last week. He blurted something at an 8 PM party with colleagues last Wednesday. He was called for a test by Planet Protection and Control team the very next morning. Normally these tests are scheduled twice a year. Knowing the schedule gives people to prepare well for the test. In fact, he is the in-charge of one of such secret society which helps people to train for the tests. Hruman had taken this test couple of months ago- absolutely flawlessly. But this time he was caught unprepared. Though the test result was not in critical zone, but he knew he had left room for suspicion. This is not good, this is never good.

This was year 2063A- 7 Earth years since the Homobots won majority at the PPC. Homobots, as he would say, were humanoid robots, but Homobots preferred to see themselves as Zen masters who had controlled all their emotions and who were able to focus entirely on one area- something essential- anybody would agree in a war time.

“How could you let this happen, Hruman? You of all people- you know how much is at stake here? You are a pro at this thing, in fact you designed some of its clauses. Do you know how much risk you have put us at?” Zaffer was too upset to stop. Hruman has been an asset to the organization, though he avoids showing any emotions, but he won’t mind admitting that folks like Hruman are the last hope of humanity in this all lost game. Though professionally he kept distance of Hruman’s affairs, but personally he was very fond of the man.

Zaffer finally paused to brief. He was expecting an answer from Hruman. But Hruman made no effort to move his tongue. He kept staring blankly under the table. Zaffer realized he could never make Hruman feel any more guilty. Hruman of course was not a child; he knew what was at stake here, probably better than Zaffer could ever think of. He sighed and offered a magneto-chemic cigarette to Zaffer. He knew Hruman had quit smoking long ago before this magneto-chemic cigarette was invented. This cigarette instead of sending pollutants into the air, it absorbed them- something which Hruman was never convinced of.

Even in tension, Hruman showed no interest in the offer. Zaffer went on smoking on his own. Time was pretty short, but he did not want to spoil the intensity of the moment. He waited to let Hruman take all in.

Finally Hruman mumbled- “Are they doing anything to Ramvan?” Hruman was well aware that his charges could mean a cryogenic sleep of over 35 years. But he was least bothered about that now.

“That is the problem, though I managed to convince them. He is son of Keki. You had him only for last 6 years.” Zaffer wanted to stop. He dreaded to even imagine Hruman’s reaction on what he was going to say next. “… That he is just a kid, his memories… could be erased.”

Zaffer closed his eye and waited for storm. “Thank you” that’s all Hruman could manage. Keki and Hruman had broken up when Ramvan was 3 years old. Keki had chosen to part ways and go to PPC- an idea which Hruman was always opposed to.

Hruman sounded to be somewhere very far. Zaffer was not sure if Hruman was thanking him or Keki.

“I will make sure that he passes the tests.” Zaffer could feel the pain on the face of Hruman. “How far would we have to go?” Hruman asked.

“Past 7 years, when Ram came to live with you. And…” Zaffer paused “and any other reference of you. The test is on Saturday morning.”

Hruman rose. “I will take leave. I need to talk to Ram.” He moved to open the gate without waiting for permission.

“And Hruman,” Zaffer raised his voice to stop Hruman, “we may have to dismiss you.”

Hruman did not even turn to react. He just nodded and left the room.

Chapter 3



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