Past of the Future : Sci-fi

15 Oct

Chapter 2

(Short Story | Fiction)

Chapter 3

(Short Story | Fiction)

“We have identified a planet with “intelligent life” 27.6 light years away.” Keki informed at the dinner table casually.

SETI had numerous false positives in past. That is why they have been keeping this news secret unless they were absolutely certain. Hruman was never a fan of SETI.

“Really!”, Hruman said in an almost-sarcastic tone without lifting his head from the bowl of soup. Hruman had promised in the beginning of the relationship that he will not make fun of SETI in front of Keki. But instincts never die.

Why to bother if there is someone else in this universe or this dimension? Our happiness and sadness are solely determined by our attitude and behavior. Where does an Extra Terrestrial life fit into this? Haven’t we got enough problems of our own?

Science has done wonders, now human could travel at almost 70% of the speed of light; communicate 10 times faster than that. With super-efficient solar cells, fuel and electricity was no longer an issue. With independence in electricity and lighting sources- new forms of decorations and arts have developed. But hunger and basic health facilities were still biggest problem of humanity. No innovation could handle that.

“You still don’t believe us”. Keki put her napkin on table and smiled. She had made peace with Hruman’s opinions. “How you cannot be least bit curious about finding what else is out there? What is the purpose of this… this “life, universe and everything”“.

Hruman and Keki had met 4 years ago- at party of a mutual geologist friend. They were so different- in their views about science about art. Interestingly, Hruman worked closer to science and ashamed of its limitation, while Keki was further from science, yet very hopeful and proud of it. And they would argue, for hours. Their idea of fun too was not same. Hruman’s favorite was one at Singapore- silent show- just lights of different frequencies powered by power sources of different frequencies- creating a mystic environment. Keki preferred sound over light. She would close her eyes, reduce noise to zero and create a silence for her. But these tastes were never an issue between the couple. They enjoyed the differences, they celebrated the opposition.

“The answer scares me.” Hruman put the spoon and joined the conversation. “I am not a very optimistic person; not about answer to this question.”


Hruman went back to soup, “because no system can produce something more intelligent than itself; something intelligent enough to understand the system.”

Keki too went back to her poha, “that’s not even an argument”.

Hruman did not want to ruin the night. He wanted to close the discussion. “Listen it’s ok to be curios. I happen to be curios… a lot actually! My only point is, we have so many problems to deal with; problems which should take priority. And why we are discussing this again.” His voice sounded like surrendered to boredom, “we have discussed this sooo many times.”

Keki smiled without looking up. Hruman was safe.

Chapter 4


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