Past of the Future : Sci-fi (4,6)

19 Oct

Chapter 3

(Short Story | Fiction)

Chapter 4

(Short Story | Fiction)

Hruman looked at his watch. 8 PM. 17th November 0000 hours, the test would begin. He had to convince his son at any cost. The operation will take a couple of hours, so he had a couple of hours at best.

“Can he do it? How? How can one convince other to do something so terrible?”

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

“Seedless mangoes, boy you must really want something.” Ramvan chuckled as he opened his pack to get his frozen seedless mango.

Hruman was not a fan of artificial frozen seedless mangoes. He loved natural mango and he thought these seedless mangoes were an insult to the masterwork of the nature. Ramvan, on the other hand no problems with seedless mangoes. After all, they artificially added the lost flavors just before the purchase. As long as it tastes same, what is the point in knowing and judging the source?

“Aren’t you going to eat yours?” Ram asked excitedly as he was finishing his mango.

Hruman was watching Ram eating very intently. He just smiled and swayed his head to imply no.

“Boy! What have you done!” Ram chuckled as he helped himself with the second mango.

Hruman could have gone on watching. But time was less, and Ram was in one of hid pleasant moods- “I am leaving”.

Ram continued eating- “OK, for how long?”


Ram did not think he was serious, but his jaws paused and he looked at Hruman. He was not smiling or blinking. “My God! Was he serious?”

“What do you mean”, Ram was no longer eating.

“It means I am never going to see you again.” Hruman himself had not considered this gravity. But there was no other option. He tried his best to hide cracks in his voice.

“Where are you going? Are you converting to Homobots? Are you joining PPC?”

“No, no… I am not converting. I will remain at Human’s side.”

“So why you won’t see me?”

“Because, you are going to forget me”. Hruman’s eyes were wet now. But he was still calm and composed.

“What do yo….” Suddenly it struck Ram. The dots were connected. “You… you mean…” Ram did not want to complete the sentence.

“Yes.” Hruman paused. “Yes, your memory is going to be erased.”


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