Past of the Future : Sci-fi (5)

20 Oct

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

“Why are you so quiet today?” Hruman had put Ram in his bed. Keki was already at the dinner table.

“I am leaving SETI” Keki responded with immense sadness in her voice.

Hruman knew how much Keki loved it at SETI. She was immensely curios- using engineering marvels of humans to learn tiny bit more about the universe. She would often come at night with story of a rock from a planet billion miles away. Geology did not interest Hruman, but at times, he was surprised to see links between the events of universe.

“Why? Where are you going?” Hruman asked.

“I am joining PPC.”

PPC was not exactly a pleasant place to work. But then what was? At least this was not as unproductive as SETI. Hruman hesitated and failed to decide whether to congratulate Keki or express grief- even though it was quite obvious from her state that the latter was correct choice.

Keki did not seem to notice the indecisiveness of Hruman. “Planet-with-intelligent-life” Keki exhaled.

“Zorg 276?” It was Hruman who always referred to Zorg-276 as the “Planet-with-intelligent-life”, but today he could not mock Keki.

Keki nodded.

Earth had been able to establish contacts with the Zorg and had sent them a space craft with some earth object. But something went wrong somewhere. Either the considered the craft as an attack on their privacy, or they needed a new planet—translators were still trying to interpret their language. Only thing communicated in English meant they were attacking earth. While teams had been deployed to get in touch with Zorgs to talk them out, but Earth had started preparations for the first inter-galactic war.

SETI was at the receiving end of all this. Once the most celebrated institution on planet was now getting blames for this entire episode. “How quickly people change sides?” Hruman often humored himself. But this could not be the reason for Keki to leave. She was strong enough to take tons of garbage out of idiot’s mouths.

“But why PPC?” Hruman inquired.

Keki did not answer immediately. She was trying to put her thoughts into words. “I can’t deny my share of blame. Now it’s my responsibility to protect earth the best I can.”

Hruman tried to save Keki from self-loathing, “Listen! Whatever you did was your job-responsibility. No one can blame you for doing the best possible job! Don’t blame yourself. These media would say anything for Popularity Index.”

“You know me Hruman.” Keki looked Hruman in eyes, “I am not an idiot to throw myself at whims of media. But I know better. The earth needs protection. We can’t go in denial. I can’t go in denial.”

Chapter 6


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  1. JJ October 20, 2012 at 8:58 PM #

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