Compassionate India

3 Jan

I know, this’s a terrible problem. Whatever happened to that compassionate India- where people loved and cared for each other? Looking at the current India it seems like a fairy tale.
Fortunately, I have experienced a very compassionate society in my village. But I know that is a distant history now.

So, where did we lose our way? How we have become so cold hearted?

One of my friend had pointed out- a portion of the credit goes to the level of competition we have India. We learn that the road the victory can be reached only by defeating a million others. We lose the pursuit of excellence- and we just aim for being better- better than others. And we become Ok with that. Result- we build a society of followers. A society of robots- with little or no innovation.

We learn that it is ok to savor the victory while others are suffering. It is ok to enjoy 500 Rs popcorn at a multiplex when half of India is hungry for a plain piece of Roti.
We lose our compassion. We learn to ignore others and focus on ourselves.

And only we can’t be blamed; India has been so hopeless country in recent past which seemed to be beyond help. It was impossible for a handful to make a mark. So we turned our backs.
But there is hope. I see this upcoming generation is much more compassionate than the previous ones. Look at your friend circle volunteering or working for NGOs! If Facebook and Twitter reflect even 10% of our generation, look at the growing compassion.

And lastly Delhi- Whatever happens- we win something significant or not- for me more than anything, this is a celebration of compassionate India. Protesting to water canons at 5 degrees takes compassion. Uniting for the cause of one single girl takes compassion.

I will give you an interesting stat- Out of 100 males interviewed, 92 admitted they or their friends have teased girl in past (, but now they are out protesting!

This perhaps is the ice breaker for our cold hearts.

-in hope for a more compassionate India.

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