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If a tree falls in forest

26 Aug

If a tree falls in the forest and no one saw it, did it make sound?


I first heard this in the class of my favorite teacher at NIT Warangal. His point was, if we do not have a reference frame (point, if you find it easier), how do measure a change? It did, but you can’t be so sure.

Of course, this is an age old question and Dalai Lama made this popular. And his thought is deeper (or at least more general). I guess it means what’s the truth- the knowledge one- that all falls make sound, the faithful one- that someone thinks/told me that it did, the experience one- that tree falls should make sound, or self-doubting one – well I didn’t see it, no one saw it, why am I so sure?

I take the first one, and adore the last one. I doubt as much as I can, but knowledge is my rescuer.


Anyway, here is the most wonderful piece I read on the idea; from SMBC.


Girl from Customer Care

27 May

This is what  happens if you propose to a girl working at Customer Care 😀

The Biological Clock

24 May

Biological clock is one of the things that has helped us to survive over millennia. Before we learnt time, it helped us sync with the nature for our daily survival. Sun was the one responsible for regulating this. But since the civilization, since we moved away from the sun inside our huts and forts, since we discovered fire and manual lighting, this clock has kept getting altered.

However, the damage had never been this disappointingly significant. The growing populations coupled with the invention of electricity, has done the most damage.  The earlier necessitated us to move in skyscrapers and the latter eased this. We started making the rules of light. Inside houses, on the roads, at the work… Body responded to the change. The clock change more than ever. One of the evils of the light pollution.

Still, the choice of the “clock” remained voluntary. And the damages were not widespread. Especially since most of the fun, work and interactions still happened during day. But the TV and internet have been the last nails in the coffin. Now, the world is at our fingertips; the fun is here, the work is here, the “interaction” or whatever is left of it, is here. Now our lives need not to be in any sync with the sun whatsoever. The day is of 24 hours. We can use it the way we ever wanted. Polyphasic sleep, power naps, 24 hours with our smartphones and laptops. The ultimate flexibility.

Or is it? An ancient saying says, the rules are the thing which shape our lives. Without this we are nothing- like a river without boundaries brings only curse! This “damage” in biological clocks has created more sleep-disorders than any other time in history of our civilization. A poor sleep has impacted on many other aspects of our health. The stress level, BP, sugar, shorter attention spans and what-nots.

But then the sleep disorders are blamed to a zillion  other things- our food habits, our work pattern, lifestyle of course, the artificial lighting etc. So, without this evil is the damaged or vanished biological clock a good thing? Well maybe…

As I see, night is the more appropriate time for working. World is calmer, temperature is favorable (more if you live on my side of globe), thoughts are  more linear, the disturbing elements, bosses, professors and parents, are quieter. As one of my friend had said, “My work intensity is inversely proportional to sunlight”.  At least our generation can enjoy this benefit, for the later ones this may become other way. 🙂

So where do I stand? Not very conclusive. The damage has hurt me, but I am enjoying it. 😛

What other impact does the vanishing biological clock will have on our lives, maybe we will find out over next few decades.

Meanwhile, here is one with the ultimate Wally, of course with a hampered biological clock.

And, here is an article I wrote couple of years back on how to sleep for longer hours.

The middle way

17 May

Well, almost two millennia ago, Lord Buddha praised the middle-way. How this can be the answer to all human problems (not to be confused with democracy). And here I am, not at the extremes- I am nerd but not “that” much, I am creative, but not “that” much. Sometimes it feels like “Best of the both world” and at others like “Stuck in the middle”.

Ah! the life is confusing.


I Love you more

10 May

I Love you more

When loving is competition.. 🙂


Luck for Lifetime

3 Apr

Luck for Lifetime

So True! If life has a limited supply of luck… 🙂

Death: The Inevitable

31 Mar

Some wise guy noted- Only two things are inevitable in this world- The death and the tax. But the inevitability does not help with pain or ease of expectancy.

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