Google’s attempt to show portfolio

13 Nov

Advantages of being an online company has an other side as well. For example, Microsoft could bundle new products with other popular ones to launch (IE, Office…). This Google could and can never achieve.
As a result it still remains primarily a search (and adwords) company to consumers. Here is a beautiful attempt to show off its complete portfolio…


Being Bored

6 Oct

“Speed at which you get bored is scary!” A dear friend remarked.

Guilty as charged. Few things in the world hold me well. But instead of this being an issue, I have found it handy in past.

Let me begin by saying “being bored is good”. If you are bored, you would like to change the state. Thus, boredom invites creativity, curiosity. It pushes you to try something new, do something awesome. I would even go as far as saying that our generation armed with their cat videos- does not get bored easily. And that’s bad. If you are not bored, if you have nothing to complain about; you have nothing to innovate or change! And so it has been for me over the past decade or so. I have been bored very frequently and I have picked up many new things.

So far so good… Let me come to the other side now. If I am bored very frequently, I am unlikely to really sweat about anything. So I will not like the challenges to escalate. I will get bored and get out. So when I should complain about being bored- I guess not before I have learnt the thing sufficiently.

Now coming to the third side- learning anything new is an effort. So if I choose to get bored, I should be ready to put in the effort. With time and with number of things in my head- learning something new will get increasingly difficult. Am I prepared for this?

Now let me add the final variable to my equation; the salary and the livelihood. Once I start getting paid to do something, the field is no longer fair. I need to adjust boredom cut-off for this job. And it goes against the other things that I could have picked up. Should I complain?

What if I have/need to settle down? Won’t I need to take this boredom with pinch of salt? Or can I start something new, somewhere new…

I need some answers (hoping that questions are correct)…

P.S. Every argument has three sides- mine, yours and the correct one.

Indian Badminton League marketing

13 Aug

Sports leagues in India is not a very old concept. Football leagues have been around for quite some time, but it was only IPL which really set things in a new standards.

IPL; amongst other things; translated cricket which essentially was almost a day long game to fit in fast paced life. IBL – Indian Badminton League- is following next. Now, Badminton is a shorter game. An hour or two at max. Will they be able to hold attention? Badminton, after all, has not been very popular for very long. But with the rise of Saina Nehwal, Kashyap, Sindhu etc, the game has been gaining popularity. So, how much success it will see? Well, only time will tell.

But then falling on the comparison, IPL’s marketing campaigns (who can forget Manoranjan ka baap) had attracted plenty of eyeballs, and IBL seems to be lagging on it. It begins on 14th of August 2013, but only a week back the league has come up with ad campaign.

New 5 star ad

9 Aug

Ramesh and Suresh- the twin brothers have been icon for Cadbury’s 5 star for really long. The ad had stuck at the point of getting the Patloon smaller by one “bilang”. Something had to follow… and finally here it is-

So, how is it? My take- the ad does not have the intensity. It does not build on the previous message- “Khaiye aur Kho Jaiye”. It has new message- “It is even softer now”. (Which does not come across very nicely either.)

But the earlier ad talked about an experience point- why would Cadbury go back to physical attributes? And in case the message has been changed, why they need to carry forward the characters?

Mia from Tanishq

23 Jul

Think of a person suggesting a lady that her attire is too distracting for the workplace. Sounds sexist?

So how can a seller sell his jewelry? One way- encourage the young ladies to wear jewelry without mentioning the taboo- but that does not seem convincing enough. Here is the alternative taken by Mia- talk about the taboo- as decently as possible. How? Get another lady to say things..



20 Jun

जो तेरे दिल में मेरी जगह नहीं है,
रुकने की कोई तो वज़ह नहीं है।

जिसमे तेरी यादों का साया ना हो,
ऐसी तो कोई गुज़र नहीं है।

चाहता तो हूँ पर क्या दुआ दूँ,
मेरी दुआओं में कोई तो असर नहीं है।

ताउम्र मोहब्बत अब कर न पाउँगा,
अब वो दिल नहीं है, जिगर नहीं है।

अब जीने में ही क्या रखा है,
जो मेरी ज़िन्दगी में “वह” नहीं है।

Paradise no more

6 May

Reporting Live

For all those living in Hyderabad, India, Paradise hotel is synonymous to biryani and is one of the most visited restaurants in the city. Located in Secunderabad, the hotel was so iconic that it lent its name to the place where it is. I say ‘was iconic’ because it no longer is, for me anyways.

Last night, I was there with my family celebrating my mother’s birthday. After dinner, we came down and were waiting for our car to be brought around by the valet. There was this one woman who was selling mogra flowers, a street hawker, right near the restaurant.

Now Paradise for whatever reasons has bouncers as security personnel outside its premises. My husband, my cousins and I were just talking about what was an outright lecherous look of a bouncer towards this woman, when another bouncer walked in (at this point, the woman was surrounded by…

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