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Phones Down : McDonald’s

11 Apr

Smartphone is bad news for leisure industry. People are engrossed in virtual world so much that they forget the real world. Result- industries that operates on people relaxing or enjoying company of each other- should face a threat.

It was only a matter of time before someone would start talking about it. And guess who is doing it! Surprise Surprise! It is McDonalds.

McDonalds aren’t even proper leisure industry, they literally sell fast food. So, why they are worried? TG overlap! Largest consumer for both McD and Smartphones is the young India.

A noticeable event in adspace.


Mia from Tanishq

23 Jul

Think of a person suggesting a lady that her attire is too distracting for the workplace. Sounds sexist?

So how can a seller sell his jewelry? One way- encourage the young ladies to wear jewelry without mentioning the taboo- but that does not seem convincing enough. Here is the alternative taken by Mia- talk about the taboo- as decently as possible. How? Get another lady to say things..

Anything to get attention

3 Mar

With exponentially growing competition, you will do anything to hold the consumer’s attention. (One more) Proof is this hilarious commercial-


[Source- http://www.facebook.com/maxi.at.xlri/posts/118901768234817]

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