To love and to hate…

23 Mar

Love and hate- Most of the human emotions can be represented by these two variables. To love (we think) is good and to hate is bad. But we can’t escape either of the feelings. Both come from the core of heart. And both hurts. So here goes one of the most difficult question of all times.

What hurts more? To love or to hate?

A friend told volunteered-

Friend: definately love hurts more me: 🙂 Friend: 🙂 me: But at least the lover has inner peace.But the one who hates does not have even inner peace. Friend: yes…agree me: I think love hurts more bcoz we dont expect to be hurt.

How else love and hate are related?  We must love everyone and we can hate everyone. Love is our duty and hate is our right.

Someone once said that education makes one more conscious of rights than duty. [Is it the reason that we hate more than we love?]

Hate hurts because this is supposed to hurt. Hate is like fire and fire does not know friend or foe.

Love hurts because we think that we are not caring enough our beloved. But one smile of beloved and all pains are gone. One don’t have a chance of this in Hate. But if you don’t get even a smile? Pains become alike. And love hurts more, because we don’t expect to be hurt when we are doing something good.

Is there a way out?

To eliminate hate, we must forgive and restart.

But eliminating love will be a stupid thing to do? Perhaps realizing that we are a part of big system designed by almighty to give the love that He wants to, may help. And we are fortunate to be chosen to do a small part of His work. Of course our role can’t be big. And we must accept ourselves and realize that we have done our parts well.

” The success of love is in the loving- it is not in the result of loving. Of course it is natural in love to want the best for the other person, but whether it turns out that way or not does not determine the value of what we have done”. Mother Teresa

Does this help? Is it feasible?


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