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Odd-Even in Delhi

1 Jan

So today was the first day for Delhites to follow the odd-even formula for private cars. [See Appendix at bottom]

There has been said a lot for and against the initiative. Sadly, the tussle at Delhi between the state and the center (and their very organised and blind followers) colors every topic into something totally different.

Skipping that part, I will come to the point.

The pollution is REAL. So real that it can wipe out life, as we know it, from this planet. Sea levels are rising, glaciers are melting, climate change is unpredictable, non-renewable sources are depleting and renewable tech is nowhere close to fill the gap.

So get off the unicorn guys and deal with it. Is odd-even sufficient to control pollution? Hell no.


As per this graph vehicles contribute at most roughly 8%-10% to pollution. There share in more dangerous type of pollution like NOx and CO is definitely much higher, but this scheme of cars will cut at most 3%-4% overall, 12%-15% NOx and 25%-30% of CO emissions. And that is nowhere enough. The obvious question is, is it worth the pain then? Scroll 6-8 lines above and re-read- WE MAY LOSE THE PLANET. This is war guys. So every bit is worth the effort.

This scheme touches the common man. And it gets them into discussion on pollution, thus having a more responsible society. And then, we can work on more areas like Cleaner construction tech, the dust particles.

So this is a war guys. Delhi, you have got a govt that is trying (ignore the drama); please support this as you did today. You can set the example for the country and even for the world.

Another thing I would like to talk about- the commutation is not a stand alone process, there is an eco-system around it.

The offices who do not stick to uniform work hours and thus making car-pooling a pain in neck, the schools who try to run only big buses (or only on selected routes), the auto-rickshaws who do not use meter. There is an entire ecosystem around it and everybody needs to do their bit.

Offices and corporates, you can afford to be more streamlined. Please check your working hours, create a discipline in the system. Schools you should be next, I think the limit of distance should already have made it easier for you. But try another mile.

Govt, you have been working on disciplining autos, but this is required even more now. And buses, we need buses, luxury buses; comfortable, safe, easily accessible.

And engineers, boy we need you! We desperately need cleaner construction tech. Can we assemble pieces outside city and transport them? Can we cut down on construction time? We really really need to solve this.

Again, all the best Delhites. May we all be victors.


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One India

10 Jul

India should seem a “ridiculous” country to large part of world. So many language, so many cultures, so many religions- what makes us one? Sadly even we forget the answer most of the items.

KBC has managed to grow into emotional space without being ridiculously dramatic contrary to most of the reality show. Latest KBC ad- Bang On!


Google’s attempt to show portfolio

13 Nov

Advantages of being an online company has an other side as well. For example, Microsoft could bundle new products with other popular ones to launch (IE, Office…). This Google could and can never achieve.
As a result it still remains primarily a search (and adwords) company to consumers. Here is a beautiful attempt to show off its complete portfolio…

Indian Badminton League marketing

13 Aug

Sports leagues in India is not a very old concept. Football leagues have been around for quite some time, but it was only IPL which really set things in a new standards.

IPL; amongst other things; translated cricket which essentially was almost a day long game to fit in fast paced life. IBL – Indian Badminton League- is following next. Now, Badminton is a shorter game. An hour or two at max. Will they be able to hold attention? Badminton, after all, has not been very popular for very long. But with the rise of Saina Nehwal, Kashyap, Sindhu etc, the game has been gaining popularity. So, how much success it will see? Well, only time will tell.

But then falling on the comparison, IPL’s marketing campaigns (who can forget Manoranjan ka baap) had attracted plenty of eyeballs, and IBL seems to be lagging on it. It begins on 14th of August 2013, but only a week back the league has come up with ad campaign.

New 5 star ad

9 Aug

Ramesh and Suresh- the twin brothers have been icon for Cadbury’s 5 star for really long. The ad had stuck at the point of getting the Patloon smaller by one “bilang”. Something had to follow… and finally here it is-

So, how is it? My take- the ad does not have the intensity. It does not build on the previous message- “Khaiye aur Kho Jaiye”. It has new message- “It is even softer now”. (Which does not come across very nicely either.)

But the earlier ad talked about an experience point- why would Cadbury go back to physical attributes? And in case the message has been changed, why they need to carry forward the characters?

Mia from Tanishq

23 Jul

Think of a person suggesting a lady that her attire is too distracting for the workplace. Sounds sexist?

So how can a seller sell his jewelry? One way- encourage the young ladies to wear jewelry without mentioning the taboo- but that does not seem convincing enough. Here is the alternative taken by Mia- talk about the taboo- as decently as possible. How? Get another lady to say things..

Mumbai ko ladkiyon ki izzat karna sikha denge

4 May

Oligvy makes a series of advertisements for Mumba Police with real officers to make Mumbai saafer for women. With a tagline of “Mumbai ko ladkiyoN ki izzat karna sikha denge”, the officers seem very aggressive.


It’s good for encouraging girls to come forward, but the second part of the ad when officers speak to boys, they seem angry and threatening them! Now this idea maybe flawed. When a society has to be changed, a threat must not be used unless a large part of the society is rotten- such as untouchables or racism. But in current case, the boys in general are not the source of the problem, in fact they can be used as a part of solution! Thus estranging boys in this case would not make a lot of sense.

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